SnapDNA Technology

SnapDNA has developed the food industry’s fastest molecular pathogen test. Our patented TrueRapid™ technology captures only targeted, live cells in near real-time.

TrueRapid™ eliminates the need to culture bacteria prior to analysis, enabling on-site or field-deployable pathogen analysis of environmental or food samples with quantitative, sample-to-answer, results in as little as 60 minutes.

SnapDNA’s TrueRapid™ analysis meets or exceeds every critical industry metric and is the first true rapid solution capable of replacing legacy lab tests.

SnapDNA Heat Map


Identify, Quantify, and Isolate in a Single Day

Knowing where things happen is as important as knowing what is happening.

Quantitative heatmap analysis facilitates the ability to trace contamination to its source and enabling faster reaction when identifying, isolating and confirming remediation


SnapDNA’s customer proven system reduces the time for a pathogen test from 3-7 days to 60 minutes. It works with any size sample, from a tablespoon to a few liters. Analysis is performed in self-contained, single-use cartridges; each acting as a miniature, computer-controlled laboratory. It can be operated almost anywhere, by almost anyone.

SnapDNA can be used where food is produced, packaged, or grown. It is as accurate as a lab test and much less susceptible to human error. Test results are uploaded to the cloud so food safety professionals can monitor all of their facilities in real-time and identify potential contamination events before product is shipped.

SnapDNA Instrument & Cartridge