About SnapDNA


Food recalls for potentially deadly pathogens like Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli are on the rise. The diagnostic tools for tracing these contaminations take 3-7 days in a specialized, off-site lab and cannot distinguish between a raging contamination and a single errant cell. It’s no wonder that it can take months to find and verify the source of an outbreak. The longer it takes, the higher the financial risk. A single outbreak can cripple a large company and bankrupt smaller ones.

New technologies are needed to reduce the number and severity of outbreaks. Dozens of companies have tried. None have succeeded. Until SnapDNA.

SnapDNA is working to provide tools that food safety professionals need to reduce the number and the severity of outbreaks, lower production cost, and provide for fresher, safer food.  We have the first self-contained, on-site analysis designed to replace food pathogen lab tests. Results are available in 60 minutes and hundreds of samples can be analyzed per day. Unlike lab tests, SnapDNA provides quantitative data to reduce the time to find contaminations from months to days, enabling predictive analytics to help prevent outbreaks.

SnapDNA test results are available when product is ready to ship enabling fresher, safer food. Food companies save millions of dollars per year in storage costs and reduce exposure to contamination and recalls.


SnapDNA replaces traditional “brick & mortar” food testing services with on-site pathogen testing.

SnapDNA meets or exceeds every critical industry metric for food pathogen testing including those for specificity, sensitivity, and false positive rates. The SnapDNA system processes industry established sample sizes and analyzes only live cells. Testing can be performed almost anywhere, by almost anyone, with only minimal training. Our automated system can be placed directly at point of need, allowing cloud-based and instant, real-time monitoring of pathogen testing for a food company across all its facilities, delivering the information every food safety professional requires and every food company needs. We have the vision, technology, and products to capitalize on the inevitable change to rapid analysis in the existing, recession-proof, $10B food pathogen testing market.

SnapDNA is in a leadership position with tipping point technology. We are poised to revolutionize food safety testing by delivering the next generation of analytical tools to the food industry.